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Protection of animal health & welfare

Summary: In 2021, the national average of yearly earnings for a veterinarian is around $99k/yr, but can vary depending on which part of the country you find employment. Being a locums (temporary/stand-in) vet or owning a practice can earn you nearly double the national average salary. Personal insights from a number of career veterinarians point towards it being a fulfilling and rewarding career for those who are committed to improving animal welfare and enjoy building relationships with other people. 

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Park Ranger

Nature preservation & public protection

Summary: In 2021, entry level positions in Tennessee start at around $35k/yr and approach the national average of $51k/year based on a number of factors such as experience and training. Job satisfaction seems extremely high based on comments left by park rangers on Indeed and Glassdoor. The benefits package for state workers is substantial and a definite perk of the job, along with getting a work truck and boat!

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Wildlife Manager

Managing for conservation & recreation 

Summary: Within the U.S.A., the majority of states operate wildlife management areas which require wildlife managers. Finding information about salaries and growth potential for this position is simple because state government pay scales are readily accessible via the internet. According to, the average salary for a Tennessee wildlife manager in 2021 was around $58k/yr. State workers in this position typically stick around for a long time which is understandable considering the high job satisfaction, quality benefits package, and potential for career growth. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy working out in nature!

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Airport Biologist

Resolving conflicts so humans & wildlife can coexist 

Summary: There are a lot of desirable aspects of being a federal employee and with so many airports needing help managing wildlife, the harvest is plentiful. Speaking from experience, Wildlife Services is a tight-knit family and once you are a part of the team then the sky is the limit! Although a little confusing at first, the government pay scale is predictable and the nation-wide network of job possibilities ensures that good workers will always have work as well as numerous opportunities to work in exciting locations. reports that in 2021, the average salary for a USDA wildlife biologist (aka. an airport biologist) was $59k/year. 

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Reintroduction Biologist

Preserving & Restoring Aquatic Biodiversity

Summary: The job title stems from an applied science called reintroduction biology which is heavily used in the field of animal conservation. This position is considerably specialized when compared to other careers in the biologist category, meaning you are going to have a hard time finding results about the job when searching the web. In terms of working for a non-profit and getting to be involved with field-oriented conservation work, the starting salary of $33k/year (from 2021) is respectable. If you have an interest or talent for aquaculture, then you would be a natural in this career because most of the work involves caring for aquatic animals in recirculating systems. The work is said to be challenging (in a good way) and deeply gratifying, which are two critical components of job satisfaction.

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CWD Field Coordinator

Disease-focused wildlife management

Summary: Within state and federal agencies positions are created to address  specific issues, as is the case with chronic wasting disease for the cervid population in Tennessee. Managing disease outbreaks is incredibly important and worthwhile work; indeed, we owe a debt to the men and women who work on the frontline! These types of jobs aren't restricted to folks who are attracted to lab settings and chemistry, in fact, it takes the cooperation of many to take successful action against a disease. This position fulfills the role of being a liaison between the general public and scientists whether it be in matters of education or sample testing. While this job isn't an entry level position, it is certainly a good goal to strive towards.     

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Promoting the conservation of reptiles & amphibians

Summary: A herpetologist is a specialized zoologist which requires a lot of formal schooling to learn everything there is to know about herptiles. You can find herpetologist employed in a diverse range of working environments such as research, academia, federal or state agencies, zoos, and aquariums. According to ZipRecruiter, in 2022 the average nation-wide salary in this field was around $52k/year. Some of the top earners even reported making $96k/year which isn't to shabby considering you get to work with your favorite group of animals! Those attracted to this type of job should feel encouraged that they can be well compensated for their expertise while getting to do something they love! 




Supporting local & global conservation initiatives

Summary: The first thing you need to know about this job is that is somewhat specialized (in other words, relatively uncommon). As you can imagine, well established zoos would be a great place to start looking since they are heavily involved in promoting animal conservation (conservation organizations and some city governments would be other places to check). If your dream is to prevent particular animals from disappearing off the face of the earth and you want to educate people about them, this is the job for you! According to Glassdoor, you could get paid $44k/year (nationwide average in 2022) to do so, plus benefits! With the right amount of passion, this could be an incredibly satisfying career that keeps you at the epicenter of some of the most pressing conservation issues. 


Habitat Program Manager

Science-based conservation, education, & advocacy

Summary: Most folks have preconceived notions when it comes to working for conservation non-profits. The good news is that its possible to raise a family, pay the bills, and still be able to do the work that you find deeply fulfilling! It is always a memorable experience meeting someone who is able to turn their passion into a career because it as if they have figured out one of the keys to living a good life. Imagine going to work knowing what you do matters and accomplishing things that will one day make your kids proud. Working for a well-structured non-profit it would be reasonable to expect $40-50k+/year and a competitive benefits. Getting to work along side like-minded peers who care about the things you do is also another major advantage that should be taken for granted! 


In-Water Guide

Educating through conservation adventures

Summary: Ecotourism is one of the most promising conservational tools to have emerged in recent decades as travel has become more popular. It is crucial that the general public have the opportunity to forge a connection to ecosystems and their special inhabitants in order to protect them from developers, pollution, and other forms of habitat degradation. Special training and higher educational degrees are not usually required, but enthusiasm and passion for the environment is a must! According to Glassdoor, the average eco-tour guide in 2022 made $38k/year plus tips. Keep in mind most of these are seasonal positions and salaries can be highly varied. A career in ecotourism is perfect for those who love sharing the wonders of the outdoors with others!

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Wildlife Biologist

Working with others to conserve, protect, & enhance fish & wildlife populations

Summary: If working for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service isn't on your radar, it really should be! Being a federal agency with a large number of national wildlife refuges and resources to manage, there are ample opportunities to get your foot in the door. The entry point on the government pay scale for a wildlife biologist, combined with the the benefits package for federal employees, makes this position an attractive proposition for the would-be conservationists wanting to leave their mark. With a fairly large sample size, reports that in 2022 the average salary was $58k/year. Who wouldn't want an adventurous career directly involved with conserving, protecting, and enhancing the animals and their habitats that make this Nation so great!  

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